Jokers Of The Scene

For the past few years, Jokers Of The Scene have ranked amongst the brightest, weirdest lights of Canada’s dance music renaissance. Between their Fool’s Gold originals and their enviably deep remixography, the duo have passed on a “signature sound” to craft an unpredictable approach that’s as cerebral as it is speaker-decimating.

Whether stitching together club bangers that double as shoegaze epics, dousing pop songs in the deepest of acid, or simply cranking the techno knob until it hits “berzerk,” these skilled DJ/producers have crafted a gleefully anarchic discography without peer. Their path is as much a choice as a compulsion; the duo blazes the JOTS trail at all times, and this determinedly tweaked approach has fueled sweat-soaked gigs from Brazil to Berlin, while providing direction for countless remixes (from Kid Cudi and Passion Pit to Brodinski and Count & Sinden) and signature originals like the anthemic “Baggy Bottom Boys” and the kinky piano monster “Revolting Joks.”

Stay tuned for new developments in the (un)natural creative progression that has endeared JOTS to fans and fellow DJs around the globe.