Acid Bagg

Jokers Of The Scene "Acid Bagg"

Release Date: 10/21/2008 - FGR013

Ottawa’s Jokers Of The Scene made the leap from party DJs to producers simply by working with what they knew best: the most mind-meltingly intense parts of dance music throughout history, from ecstatic big room house buildups to hyper-distorted electro basslines and the lighthearted samples of 90s techno, all thrown in a blender at 130 BPM. Yet on Acid Bagg they began to go deeper with their club collages, as “Acidrod” and “Baggy Bottom Boys” will attest. Grab now on FG digital single or pill white 12″ vinyl!

1. Baggy Bottom Boys
2. Acidrod
3. Acidrod (Brodinski “Acidbrod” Remix)
4. Acidbrod (Destroy Disco Remix)
5. Baggy Bottom Boys (DZ Ravestep Remix)