Jokers Of The Scene "J0T5"

Release Date: 1/17/12 - FGR048

Jokers Of The Scene entered their latest project with the express purpose of creating music that could be perfect for home listening and strobe-lit warehouses alike. The five tracks on J0T5 pulsate through ambient synth excursions, vintage sci-fi soundtracks, and experimental techno, somehow managing to connect the dots along the way. Are the seven minutes of hypnotic riffs on “Black Mountie” the missing link between prog rock and prog house? Is “Organized Zounds” what moon gravity does to Coldcut and Plastikman records? Was “Killing Jokes II” secretly recorded by Vangelis on a pill bender during the Blade Runner sessions? Whatever you might hear bouncing around its individual elements, J0T5 is no retro exercise or mere collection of references; Booth and Chameleonic have paid loving tribute to their record collections while managing to sound unlike anyone but themselves.

1. Killing Jokes I
2. Black Mountie
3. In Order To Trance
4. Organized Zounds
5. Killing Jokes II