Jokers Of The Scene "J0T5 RMXD"

Release Date: 1/24/2012 - FGR049

The Jokers Of The Scene one-two punch continues with the release of J0T5 RMXD. It’s a companion piece to last week’s J0T5 EP, and features the sterling remix work of some of electronic music’s finest: Daniel Avery (aka Stopmakingme), Shadow Dancer (BNR), Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair), Savile & Olin, Cosmic Kids (Throne Of Blood), Gingy & Bordello (Turbo) and Babe Rainbow (Warp).

From Hrdvsion’s slow, funky take on “In Order To Trance” to Daniel Avery dropping breakbeat science on “Black Mountie” (already a favorite of Andrew Weatherall and more), this remix EP offers the Jokers’ peers and contemporaries a chance to launch dance satellites of their own into the duo’s enjoyably unique orbit.

1. Black Mountie (Daniel Avery Remix)
2. Black Mountie (Shadow Dancer Lovely Horse Remix)
3. In Order To Trance (Hrdvsion Remix)
4. In Order To Trance (Savile & Olin Remix)
5. Organized Zounds (Cosmic Kids Remix)
6. Organized Zounds (Gingy & Bordello Remix)
7. Killing Jokes (Babe Rainbow Remix)