LA Riots "The Drop"

Release Date: 08/17/2010 - FGR034

Endlessly kinky riffs and jacking kickdrums have already made “The Drop” a festival favorite, and it comes backed by two mindbending remixes from Duke Dumont and a stomping four-on-the-floor take from TJR. B-side “Bombah” is a planet rock party starter, flipped by Deadfish don Mowgli and Nadastrom’s Dave Nada. Yet even with such a dynamic remix lineup it’s all about the original tunes, setting the stage for many more LA Riots firestarters to come.

1. The Drop
2. The Drop (Duke Dumont “Move Like A Bullet Train” Remix)
3. The Drop (Duke Dumont “Thudding Like Elmer” Remix)
4. The Drop (TJR Remix)
5. Bombah
6. Bombah (Mowgli Remix)
7. Bombah (Dave Nada Boombahton Remix)