100s - ivry

100s "IVRY"

Release Date: 03/06/2014 - FGR100

100s is bringing West Coast rap back to the future. His new release, IVRY, is a glimpse into a melodic new chapter for the Berkeley MC, taking classic mack vibes to chic new heights. From the smoothed out “Ten Freaky Hoes” and the Rick James-worthy “Different Type Of Love” to the ice cold flows of “Inglish Outro” and “Thru My Veins,” 100s spits X-rated bedtime stories worthy of classic Too $hort, but with a modern attitude, approach, and peerless sense of style all his own.

1. Inglish Outro feat. Ice Cold Perm
2. Thru My Veins
3. Fuckin Around
4. Different Type Of Love feat. Cherub
5. Slide On Ya
6. Can A Nigga Hit It
7. Middle Of The Night
8. Ten Freaky Hoes
9. Nothing You Can’t Lose
10. Life Of A Mack