Fool's Gold Tour Wrap-Up!

Posted on Oct 30th, 2007 in Live > Pics > Videos by Mr. Goldbar

Earlier this month we hit the road for the first ever Fool’s Gold tour, a concert spectacle featuring the A-Trak and DJ Mehdi tag team, Kid Sister, Kavinsky, and Nick Catchdubs, along with special guests the Cool Kids and surprise performances from Jokers of the Scene, Kid Cudi, Trackademicks, Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Gant-Man, Pase Rock and MSTRKRFT. We left a trail of burst eardrums, broken hearts and flagrant room service recipts all accross North America – and we’ll be coming back for more real, real soon! Now on to the goods…

First up was a trip to Trizzy’s MTL homeland for a showcase at the Pop Montreal festival. The sold-out crowd at Club Soda treated us super nice – we’ll just let the videos do the talkin.

The Pop Montreal show also set the tour precedent of stage diving whenever possible. Here’s some more pictures and video from The Friend Attack, Revolver, Vaga33ond and Virb.

After that Montreal show we went to get bagels and proceeded to take a week off – Mehdi and Kavinsky linked up with some of their Parisian brethren for shows in LA, and the rest of us headed to Chicago to shoot a video for Kid Sister’s “Pro Nails.”

Then all of a sudden, it was back to business with a sold-out CMJ showcase at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC. Windows, walls, sweat, balls, etc (except there were no windows at Hiro, just a giant dragon head that blew smoke). We even had live visuals from the Thunder Horse bros – they murdered shit!

MTV came out, and so did Rolling Stone, Vibe, Pitchfork, Metromix, Dub Frequency (with Miss Info, who shouted us out on Hot 97 the next day) Prefix and of course THEEEEEEEE COOOOOBRA SNAAAAAAAAAKE.

The next morning we ditched NYC to get live (and run up roaming charges on our BlackBerries) at Celebrities in Vancouver. Canadians like to dance! The Versus blog was having fun, as was 33mag and a couple hundred other kids who didn’t have digital cameras that night.

Still, even two insane gigs in NYC and Vancouver couldn’t prepare us for the raved-out mosh pit love-fest (complete with a DVD-J cameo from PB Wolf!) that was our Roxy show in Los Angeles. After loading up on good vibes (and Sparks Black) at an in-store gig at Turntable Lab beforehand, we sweated it out with a crowd that can only be described as “undulating” and “thoroughly intoxicated.” Even when Trizzy had to kick them off the stage, the party still kept going (here’s proof). Someone even brought cardboard cutouts of Kavinsky (in a Louis Vuitton stadium jacket) and A-Trak & Mehdi (as Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in Men In Black, complete with neuralizers. WILL 2 K! PLUS SEVEN!)

The plan was to take pics of the cutout in various situations (a la the gnome in Amelie) but it escaped from us right around the time we checked into our hotel by the SF Airport.

The following night at Mezzanine in SF we had hometown hero Trackademicks and the Honor Roll guest with us, and they tore it down. In fact, everyone tore it down. We are a bunch of regular tear-it-down-ers. SF Weekly took some pictures.

The next night we sold out Chicago’s Empty Bottle. Kid Sister had a well-deserved homecoming, and her ‘Go brethren the Cool Kids stopped by on their flux capacitor-powered mopeds to kick things off.

A-Trak, Mehdi and Kavinsky all did it extra big in the home of house music, and we were even treated to a guest set by juke maestro DJ Gant-Man. We even got Cobrasnaked a third time!

We wrapped up our 666 (shows, cities, days) whirlwind in Toronto with a show at Revival that nicely doubled as a Red Bull Music Academy gig – check the shots they took. The boys of MSTRKRFT came by, as did the Nacho Lovers and the Inquiring Mind and D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. doodz. It was a perfect, wild-out ending to a perfect, wild-out tour.

See you all again real soon!

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