WMC According to Trizzy

Posted on Apr 1st, 2008 in Behind The Scenes > Live by Mr. Goldbar

The Fool’s Gold posse flew to Miami last Wednesday for some festivities of the Winter Music variety. When we arrived in fabulous South Beach we were famished so we linked up with our buddies Boys Noize, Steve Aoki, MSTRKRFT and LA Riots who were all about to grab dinner. What we didn’t know was that the MSTR boys had made reservations at the fanciest, strangest, most blog-worthy restaurant in the 305. From the outside this place Prime 112 looked more like a club than anything else. When our turn finally came we realized that from the inside it was actually closer to a hotel in the sense that every party got their own private room with not only a dining table but a TV, a couch, a bed, a bathroom… They served plates that were big enough to be shared by 5-7 people. We ordered the mother of all surf & turfs. The lobster was 4.5 pounds. My girlfriend’s dog is about that size.

After that we stopped by a couple of parties in South Beach and then headed over downtown where Craze had his Bass Sessions party at Nocturnal and Dubsided had their jump-off next door at Studio A. At 5am I figured it was time to head back to the telly. It was hard to find a cab so my homie gave me a ride. He wanted to grab some food but I was still full from that damn lobster!

On Thursday the Fool’s Gold DJs were booked to play at the Puma store. Despite the janky turntables and the overheating monitor we had a good time and got a chance to test out some of the new songs we wanted to play in our sets that week. Sammy Bananas brought a big inflatable banana and smacked a Fool’s Gold sticker on it. Then I went back to the Raleigh (our star-studded hotel) to watch the first day of Scion’s poolside thing-a-ling.

I missed Erol’s set but caught Boys Noize. A bunch of people were coming up to me to wish me a happy birthday. My birthday wasn’t until Sunday so I was a bit confused, but it was still nice! Later that night I was scheduled to play this party for Turntable Lab, Craze, Money Shot and about 18 other promoters. Craze hit me up, he’s filling in for me on the upcoming Kanye dates and said he wanted to talk to me about that stuff after sound check. I wasn’t even planning on going to sound check so I tried to push that till tomorrow. But Craze kind of insisted so I said OK and asked if he could come scoop me. We went to this restaurant and when we walked in I saw Nick, Tittsworth and the Nacho Lovers. Hmm, what a coincidence. (Blank in my head.) Craze grabs my arm and says: surprise!! Oh snap! A surprise party, for meee?? In fact the whole FG fam is there along with all our homies, Sinden, Klever, Ayres… We all sit down at the big table and I see Craze looking around the restaurant. Someone must be late. Then I remember a short conversation that I had earlier at the pool party. This dude told me he saw my brother in the lobby, and I replied (in my usual know-it-all-ness) “No, Dave’s in New York. He’s at the library, I just talked to him.” Thinking back that must have sounded like Champ Kind in Anchorman: “No, Ron’s coming to the picnic. It’s the company picnic, we do it every month.” Next thing you know I see Pee’s Freeway beard stick out of a yellow cab out the window. Then comes Dave, Steve Aoki, and Boys Noize carrying a dozen balloons and a hat that says “happy fucking birthday”!! I was completely shocked! So we had our dinner and headed over to the party, which was pretty tacky when we got there but ended up being fun in the end. Erykah Badu came and hollered after my set.

Not the first person I thought I’d see at WMC but hey, anything goes in Miami. We rolled out around 5, met up with the MSTRKRFT and Riots posse, saw a snake in the street, went to some chick’s apartment and finally crashed out around 6:30am.

Friday was my biggest day. After rolling out of bed to do a Scion Radio interview, I walked over to the Remix Hotel where I gave a 1 hour seminar on Logic. I opened up my sessions for the Kanye and Boys Noize remixes and talked about how I use this program without really knowing how to use it.

Then I walked back to some other gifting suite and gave an interview for URB. After that I went to the pool party at my hotel where the Institubes guys were playing, followed by Calvin Harris and I had the closing slot. Everything was running late and I was told I could still do a 1 hour set regardless of the time, but halfway into my set the stage manager gave me the “kaput” hand signal and cut me off. Later on I found out this guy had no authority to cut me off and apparently I should have been allowed to play a full set. No matter, it’s Miami. We had dinner with the label homies and headed over to White Room, our venue downtown for the Fool’s Gold party. This was actually the first time I saw the venue and it was even better than I imagined. There was a small-ish room for the actual party, which would easily get rammed up, and a bigger outdoor courtyard with another bar but the same music. This was perfect since our party was running till 5am, so it was easy to walk around and catch a breather. The place got packed (we ended up getting over 1,000 people) and our surprise guests started showing up. JFK jumped on during LA Riots’ set. Surkin murdered it and so did Boys Noize. Mehdi ran up while I was DJing and made many celebratory announcements on the mic, even stopping my records a couple of times. By the end of the night the CDJs stopped working, the monitors were cutting out, but no one even noticed or cared because unlike every other party that week, it was a fun night, people weren’t stuck up and there was a real — how shall I say — camaraderie! (Say that word 5 times.)

When the party ended at 5, we waited for a good half hour for a cab. Then the Scion guys pulled up and one of the guys said he had a hook-up to go to an afterparty at Diddy’s house on Star Island. Pee and I gave each other the “let’s do it” look and off we went. There was a password to get into the gate, and then we walked in just as Felix Da Housecat pulled up with his records. So we’re at Diddy’s dreamhouse by the water and a bizarre collection of people was gathered around his swimming pool enjoying some fried chicken and mimosas as the sun came up. The Retro Kids were there hanging out with Junior Sanchez. I saw Angello and Ingrosso running around in the grass. Sean C and LV were there, and so was Cassie (who of course is a Kid Sister fan). Bronques from lastnightsparty was snapping shots and Diddy was dancing for everyone’s enjoyment. We left there at 9am and I crawled into bed at 10.

Somehow I was up at 1pm. I saw my brother as he left for the airport and went to lounge by the pool a bit during the afternoon. Everyone was wrecked on Saturday. Stones Throw was having their poolside party, where I had a great set at last year. I went to exchange some music with Boys Noize and headed back down to DJ with Mehdi. We were actually supposed to do separate sets but Mehdi didn’t have much hip hop with him so we decided to play together. We shared one mixer so there were lots of arms stretching behind backs and under elbows. It was also a much needed break to play a hip hop set after so many nights at 130 bpm. Afterwards I went to have dinner with him and Fafi and was with them when the clock hit midnight and my real birthday rolled over. My last show of the week was at the Yo Yo party at the Delano. The British Yo Yo dudes are some good friends of mine but I’m sorry to say that party was just not my thing. I don’t think it was their thing either. I know how hard it is to get a venue during WMC. But it was all bougie table service. I got there, played 20 minutes and bounced. We couldn’t even get our friends in. By that point, Nick and the FG homies were over at this other Scion party so I was gonna swing by there. But then I checked my voicemail and found out I was on the list for this Roger Sanchez party where Laidback Luke was DJing. Luke just did some remixes for us and I’m a huge fan so I decided to swing by and meet the guy. The line at the door was unreal, I’ve never seen so many fake boobs and cufflinks. These Formula 1 type dudes were hustling the bouncer to get in. This one guy at the door was friends with Luke’s people and told me he’d take care of me, but the fire marshall had the door shut down for about 15 minutes. My boy would periodically walk up to me and tell me he’s doing his best, while giving me a little tap under the ear with his cupped palm a la Godfather. Finally Luke’s manager came and scooped me, and I entered the universe of extreme commercial house. The first thing I noticed was how fired up everyone was, as opposed to how tired all my friends were at the other parties. Clearly in this universe it’s business as usual! I met Luke in the DJ booth and then his manager walked me over to Roger Sanchez’ VIP area. This was my first time meeting Roger and he was super welcoming. He said he’s been following some of the recent projects I’d been doing and was into it. Thanks dude! I went and kicked it with Luke a little more and finally bounced to Studio A for the last stop before the airport. I got there and finally caught an Erol Alkan set at the Fixed party. And with that, I was ready to head back, pack my bags and check in for my flight after another sleepless night.