Tales of Lost Necklaces

Posted on Jul 15th, 2008 in Shopaholics by Mr. Goldbar

About 3 weeks ago I was shopping with my brother Dave (like we always do at this time) and we stopped by this spot BBlessing in the lower east side. They had these Surface To Air pendants that were real fonky. I choose my accessories with mucho rumination and this one felt just right. So I got it.

This was right before my trip to Ibiza. I rocked it during my 10 days in Europe and sometimes if I didn’t want to wear it on the plane I’d put it in the outside pocket of my suitcase. I’m trying to cut down on backpack clutter, feel me? When I flew back to New York that’s where I put it. Whenever I land at JFK I have to go in the superduper long Visitors line because I’m an alien and what have you. All too often, by the time I actually get past immigration to baggage claim my luggage has been taken off the belt and is loitering on the floor. This particular time, the outside pocket of my suitcase was open. Someone stole my damn necklace! Bunch of scoundrels! I know this thing comes in a little box but it’s not actually worth a lot of money… What are they thinking? By that time I grew attached to the thing so I went back to BBlessing to buy a new one. They had to order it back in. I finally got it this weekend. I’m happy now.

The point of this story? There are two. One, don’t put stuff you care about in the outside pocked of your suitcase. Only socks. Two, Surface To Air is dope. They directed the “Tenderoni” video and I just got a sneak peek at their new Midnight Juggernauts vid. It’s splendid, I’ll post it as soon as it hits the internets.