Fool's Gold x Dim Mak: The Lost Flicks

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Remember the epic Fool’s Gold x Dim Mak North American tour from this past spring? We were armed with one of The Cobra Snake’s extra cameras (I shall call it “The Rattler”) during the whole trip, but after everything wrapped, the pics mysteriously disappeared. Until today! Steve just sent us this link to check the recent vintage tour snaps over at the Snake. As a bonus, check our tour diaries (originally published on after the jump.

Tour Diary Pt 1: NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Philly (4.17.08)

As you might have heard, the first half of the Fool’s Gold x Dim Mak “Screaming Bloody Murder” tour – starring A-Trak, Sinden, Steve Aoki, Sammy Bananas and guests – kicked off last week with dates in NYC, Toronto, Montreal, and Philly. It was an unbridled ravestravaganza – but don’t take our word for it, check the pics and video from the FG crew after the jump. And come party with us on the rest of the tour dates in Chicago (tonight!), Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco.

The first show of any tour is always the most nerve-wracking. Even though our last Fool’s Gold party at Hiro Ballroom was a sold-out affair, there was no guarantee the follow-up last Thursday would be as popping. Gnarls Barkley and Santogold playing down the street, people at home doing their taxes, general pre-weekend malaise… still, we packed it completely full and made sure to live up to the tour name!

Kid Cudi did his damn thing as special guest.

Sometimes the human compulsion to order people to throw their hands in the air can not be satiated by just one show, so as soon as he was done DJing for Santogold our homie Pase Rock came through for extra hypeman satisfaction.

A-Trak looks like Max Headroom sometimes.

Steve looks like a blurry human pogo stick sometimes

Tommie Sunshine and his lady friend also came thru and danced. A lot. Apparently TS is a big Sammy Bananas fan! Check some more photogalleries here and here.

En route to Toronto I realized where I last saw Sinden’s neck pillow…

The TO show ended up exceeding expectations as well. The venue kept changing – we ended up booked at a somewhat jiggier spot then anticipated, and didn’t know what to expect from the party. But it was also fully sold-out, complete with wild-ass, wardrobe-malfunctioning dancers on stage all night long! Blue Jays fans get pretty debauched. More pics here.

Our Canadian bros Nacho Lovers and Jokers Of The Scene (get your F2 on!) joined in for the fun.

This girl’s double-sided tape game was impressive.

As was Sammy’s starter kit moustache…

And schweet new hat he bought in Toronto.

The shot up top of a stagediving Trizzy was taken the next night at Montreal, and kind of sums up the whole night there. We knew the tickets were selling well (exactly 666 presales!?!?!?) but had no idea just how hype things were going to get over the course of the evening. Everyone agreed it was one of the best shows not just of the tour, but of EVER.

JOTS came to get mad again, and the Neon and Peer Pressure crews were all in the house as well. Gotta let the pics do the talking on these. More shots here and here.

Strobes rule.

Once it was all said and done we grabbed a few minutes of sleep and went out for the Philly show. The R5 promoters were absolutely slaying it on their flyers (above) and email blasts. “Remember when Steve Aoki used to write manifestos on a racial equality and freeing Mumia? I do!”

No visit would be complete without checking out Diplo’s newly renovated studio complex, the “Madsoleum.” We stole some promo tees and watched Brazilian metal YouTubes.

Then it was time to get soundcheckin.

Treasure Fingers came out from ATL to do a guest set at this one. His style is dope, a mix of funky disco-influenced productions with that crunchy stuff y’know, “for the kids.” Expect big surprises from him real soon.

Kid Cudi guested too, and got his John Legend on during “Maui Wowie.” (Oddly enough, Legend himself was crooning in Philly that same night at the Trocadero – he didn’t stop by, but opener Estelle came thru for a bit during A-Trak’s set. PS: She’s dope!)

Nu rave earplugs are a must…

All the nights have been sold out so far, but the cool thing about doing a smaller venue (Barbary) in Philly directly after after the Montreal insanity was that it was not only easier to hang out with local friends (“Intimate club!”) but also gave everyone an opportunity to do different things with their sets.

Check Sinden going heavy on the “oh shit!” UK stuff none of us had heard before. And when the night was over and everyone at the club left smiling, we packed our shit, scarfed some bad Wawa sandwiches and unholy-hued chicken fingers, and hit the hotel. More coming soon, stay tuned…

Tour Diary Pt 2: Chicago, Vancouver, Seattle, SF (4.23.08)

We ended the Fool’s Gold tour last Saturday night in San Francisco (just in time for 4/20 duuuuuuuuuude!) and spent a few days decompressing, catching up on natural human sleep, editing videos and pics from the second week of the tour (Chicago/Vancouver/Seattle/SF) which you can ogle after the jump. See you at Coachella!

For the first leg of the tour, we didn’t have our tour shirts (designed by the erstwhile Dust La Rock) thanks to some postal hijinx. Fortunately by the time we made it to Chicago they were all ready for waving like a helicopter.

Folks were there early! More crowd shots over here.

Kid Cudi guested once more, backed on the decks by his dude Plain Pat (which means there’s one more person in the building who agrees with us that people don’t play “Banned From TV” enough.)

Cudi’s midwest brethren Chip Da Ripper and Million $ Mano came out to support.

While we’re shouting out local heroes, have to give props to Thunder Horse, who put together our tour projections and were there cutting up live video at the Metro…

DJ Gant-Man (more on him here) who’s always a beacon of good vibes…

And Flosstradamus, who could have spent the night resting after a long-ass Australian tour but came through nonetheless.

The next morning our airport cab was…a stretch Hummer. While it did fuck up our carbon footprint game pretty serious, it also provided sorely needed room to nap.

In Vancouver we were greeted by pals Paul Devro (who was hosting the party) and Daniel from LA Riots (who was guesting for the night). First order of business? Sushi.

Powered by raw fish, it was time for mischief. A-Trak was particularly proud of his work on the label maker.

This blog took some good pics (and opined about Daniel’s cheekbones).

The following morning we took a bus from Vancouver to Seattle. Sinden got held up at the border because they didn’t believe he was “famous” enough for the particular type of artist visa he was carrying. “This is for the Rolling Stones, pal!”

The Seattle show @ the War Room was a special edition of Four Color Zack and Pretty Titty’s “Sing Sing” night – their regulars came out in force, and the spot got sweaty real fast.

Sam got lifted…

He’s an enthusiastic lad!

FADER OG Mariel was there to witness it as well. More pics and video from Seattle will be up on our site soon (they had pros working it!), meanwhile check out some of Daniel LA Riots’ snaps here.

Had some extra carry-ons the next morning…

And the gastric award tour (with Muhammad my man) continued as soon as we touched down in SF. This spot had the ill burritos and these mothra thingies hanging from the ceiling.

Hair was catching air on the walk back.

We were a little nervous about attendance for the SF show (it was the only city on our last tour that didn’t sell out completely), and when we got to the club the sawdust and carpenters didn’t exactly put minds at ease…

Fortunately, it popped off!

The Kid Sister superfans from the LA Museum even showed up!

Dim Mak interns manned the merch table with aplomb (and a credit card swipe!?!?!?!?!)

Pandemonium Jones showed up…

And so did DJ Design, the whole imeem crew (thanks for dinner!), Vin Sol, Jason from Official and a slew of other old pals and well-wishers. Meeting up with cross-country friends is a welcome by-product of our pampered DJ touring lifestyle. It means more to us than the backstage vegetable plate.


Trackademicks and the Honor Roll came through with slaps as always.

Next time you see Steve, ask him about “Crate 19.” Trust us.

Next time you see Sammy, ask him for love advice. TRUST US!!!!

And with that, the tour was over. Thanks to everyone who came out and danced. We will soon come back to your town to party down. Don’t forget to keep checking the FG blog for updates (and errant tour photos from the late-uploading fans among y’all!) and the FG RCRD LBL page for freebie downloads, streams and other goodies. L’chaim!

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