Nacho Lovers Acid House Mix

Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

To coincide with a “Vinyl Archaeology” article they penned for the latest issue of The Fader, our own Nacho Lovers are sharing some of their favorite acieeeeeeeeed jams with you. Says Fistfight: “Here is a mini mix of some Acid house tracks we love. A few classics, a few lesser known or under-appreciated gems, and a few great acid tracks that aren’t 10+ years old.” Download it here, check tracklist after the jump, and read their article in the latest issue of the mag (Busy Signal and Tough Alliance on the cover).

1. Phuture, “Acid Tracks”
2. Darkman, “Annihilating Rhythm (The Destruction Mix)”
3. Fast Eddie, “Acid Thunder (Seewhale Edit)”
4. Monty Luke & Tasho, “Paranoid”
5. Winx, “Don’t Laugh (Live Raw Mix)”
6. Steve Poindexter, “Born To Freak”
7. Da Posse f. Christina Jordan, “In The Heat Of The Night (Acid Mix)”
8. Larry Heard Presents Mr. White, “The Sun Can’t Compare”