Another Weekend, Another Continent

Posted on Aug 22nd, 2008 in Behind The Scenes by Mr. Goldbar

I don’t even know what time zone I’m in anymore. I just know I have a couple of pictures from last weekend that I wanted to post, so that warrants a blog post. Last Friday I flew to London for a gig at this venue Plan B, down in Brixton which is kind of a roughneck neighborhood. During the afternoon I went over to Herve’s house and we finished a track together. (This is the part where you bloggers are supposed to get excited!) Then I did my gig, it was a hip hop party. I realized that in the course of the summer I played in different corners of London. River Thames, you’re next.

Saturday morning I took the Eurostar over to Belgium to do Pukkelpop. What a great festival. When those things are well organized it’s such a joy. I was sharing a dressing room with those jolly Italians known as the Crookers and it was actually the first time we met, even though they have a record coming out on Fool’s Gold. (Hello!) My set was action-packed, I played for a couple thousand raving central-Europeans and they were singing soccer chants at the peaks. I stuck around to watch a few acts, most notably Jamie Lidell and 2 Many DJs. The catering was excellent. And then I went back to get some much needed rest.

The next day a driver took me on a 3 hour journey over to Amsterdam. Laidback Luke had one of his Nighttime Superheroes parties over by the beach (yes they have a beach in the Netherlands) and I was the special Canadian guest.

The party started pretty early. I got there at 9pm and Luke was on. This was not my usual crowd. Reminded me of when I played the Hamptons a little over a year ago (Bobby Brown, Smooth B and Eric B showed up that day). There was a guy with a Chromeo shirt though. After Luke’s set I went and plugged in Serato (as ubiquitous as it is in America, they have no idea what it is in the European dance world) and did my lil’ thang. Diplo and Santogold were in town so they came through with the Santo-entourage. I was done at midnight so after my set we all headed to the city and Luke’s manager took us to this funky ass club with low ceiling and 70’s lighting and we danced the night away, me, Wes and Martelo and some Dutch ladies.

You internet hawks probably heard my track with the Laidback one. It’s coming out in October on Fool’s Gold in America and his label Mixmash in Europe. We’re only getting one remix per continent so you can imagine those remixes will make your jaw drop. Fiyyaaah!!

I’m in LA now, bout to do some more shows. So, more blogs coming soon!!