DJ Lessons for Playboy Bunnies

Posted on Aug 30th, 2008 in Behind The Scenes by Mr. Goldbar

My publicist set up a feature for me this week and she later admitted being scared that I would mail her an anthrax letter. I should really send her flowers instead. Why did she think I wouldn’t like this? I just spent an afternoon with a Playboy playmate. To be specific, Kelly Carrington, Miss October.

It all started when Playboy said they wanted to feature me in their March music issue for something called Rock The Rabbit. That alone is awesome. Then they decided to do a whole web video thing with me. Thank heavens for online added content. The plan was to have me spend an afternoon with a contest winner and a Playboy playmate. I was asked to give them both a DJ lesson and then go to some fancy lunch. Sure it’s all pretty tame but in terms of quirkiness it’s right up my alley!

I got picked up by a car service at noon and they took me to the Scratch DJ Academy, which was only open to us. I met Playboy’s marketing people, the special Playboy bodyguard and Kelly. Everyone was really excited to learn how to do that zigga-zigga. We were just waiting for the contest winner-slash-intern, and they kept saying “you’re gonna love this guy”. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this idea of being out with another dude and Miss October. What is this, ElimiDate? Then homeboy showed up and this guy was an exact real-life replica of McLovin. Right then, everything fell into place. So I gave them a little DJ lesson on camera. Kelly was impressed by how difficult it is to scratch. They made McLovin wear these wrap-around sunglasses, which was really funny because he wears normal glasses too so he’d try and wear the shades on top of his spectacles. His name was John but I’m just going to call him McLovin. After that they filmed us doing “OTF’s” — that’s reality TV slang for “on the fly”, those little summaries where you say stuff like “working with Kelly and John was an awesome experience, I think we had great chemistry”. That TV show Orange City Choppers had really good OTF’s, come to think of it.

After that a tinted SUV drove us over to the Gansevoort hotel where there’s a lovely rooftop terrace and half of the pool was reserved for us. There were still people in the other half and they looked pretty puzzled, glancing at our motley crew as we filmed a bunch of random shots. We were filmed receiving a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, compliments of the house, and some strawberries with whipped cream. There was a massage train that felt very summer-camp-y, and the Playboy security guard gratuitously tossed McLovin into the pool. A couple more OTF’s and we called it a day.

It was interesting to learn about the life of a Playboy bunny. Kelly recently moved to LA where she lives in a house with a few other bunnies, although they don’t see each other very often because they’re always going to shoots and whatnot. Apparently they have their meals at the Playboy mansion.

The video will be up in October… Stay tuned!