Trizzy's Mindspray: Airplane Dreams

Posted on Sep 23rd, 2008 in Mindspray by Mr. Goldbar

For as long as I can remember I’ve had these strange, lifelike dreams when I’m on the plane and it’s the only context where I have these kinds of dreams. I have no idea if this is common or not but it’s always fascinated me. I generally fall asleep as the plane is taking off, and then wake up around the time that they come and serve refreshments down the aisle. Here’s what happens…

I’ll open my eyes and see the flight attendant with the cart a few rows ahead of me. Then I’ll doze off again and wake up just as they’re getting to my row. Sweet timing dude! But wait, then I’ll nod off again and wake up to see them still a good 5 rows before me. Sheize, I dreamt that middle part where they were approaching my row! And then the cycle starts all over again and I’ll keep having these short dreams that completely seem like reality to me. It’s a complete mind-fuck, I keep thinking I’m about to get my ginger ale.

I had a new variation of the lifelike airplane dream the other day. I got on this plane and had the aisle seat. This dude had the window and the middle seat was open. I started dozing off while we were still on the ground and remember waking up for a moment and we hadn’t taken off yet. So once we took off I knew that I slept through a delay. Later in the flight I swear it seemed like I woke up for a sec and saw a lady sitting in the middle seat next to me. I remember thinking “hmm, she must have gotten there when I was half-alseep.” I even recall waking up a few times and seeing this lady in the middle seat. But lo and behold when we landed I woke up for real and the middle seat was empty. Like Biggie said it was all a dream, but not your usual type of dream. There wasn’t a llama sitting across the aisle and the flight attendant wasn’t the high school bully. Everything was exactly like reality except for that one element.

Pinch me.

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