New Nacho Lovers Mix for Curb Crawlers

Posted on Dec 1st, 2008 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

Toronto’s Curb Crawlers blog is a daily bookmark over here at FG HQ, one of the most enjoyable and consistent spots on the interweb for unpretentious electronic music of all stripes. So it’s a real treat to see the Crawlers commission fellow Toronto connoisseurs Nacho Lovers for an exclusive mix. Download it and check the tracklist after the jump!

Nacho Lovers Curb Crawlers Mix [mp3]

Deadbeat – Grounation (Berghain Drum Jack)
Matthew Styles – We Said Nothing
Boola – Predator
Patrice Baumel – Javelin
Alex Cappelli – Bloody Notes
Jamie Jones – 911
Dirty Gringo – Circus Freak
Sex Trothler – Jus Your feat. Baby Prince
Einzelkind – Out With A Bang
Arto Mwambe – Une Seule Nuit (Mix De Danse)
Anthony Collins – I Wanna Give (Sandy’s Basement Mix)
Telespazio – Telemetric (Arto Mwambe’s Guitar Down Mix)

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