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Posted on Dec 2nd, 2008 in Live by Mr. Goldbar

Ok, so I’m only up here right now to let you know about shows, but I promise to be back soon with another travel food blog post!

Coming up tomorrow is PLAYER’S CLUB (**FREE STOLI**) at Pianos, my new weekly party with Skinny Friedman of the Philadelphyinz.  Then its off to Montreal, Ottawa and Winnipeg for the weekend.  Oh snap, Facebook events son!  Full info and flyers below…

Player’s Club has been going on for a few months now, but we make a big splash this week with what every party needs, and alcohol sponsorship!  The fine people at Stoli will have models giving people free drinks for the first few hours of the party.  Ya’ll will be in the neighborhood anyway to see Eli and Cosmo and Dave do their thing, so drop on by.

The second leg of my Trans-Canadian tour kicks off on Thursday.  Now, some of you may have seen me up on Twitter dissing Food Network Canada the other week (big bossman A-trak did, and called me out!) but I actually hold Canada very dear in my heart.  I’ll go on the record now in saying that in my experience, Canadians party harder*, thus making djing there a joy.  If you see me in the street talking smack about your country, just chalk it up to the fact that I’m pround of MY country for the first time in forever.

Thursday, December 4th
Tokyo Thursdays
3709 St. Laurent

Friday, December 5th
w/ Drastik & JOTS
317 Bank St.

Saturday, December 6th
106 Osborne

* Ok, these people might party harder. I never got to give a shout out to HOT MESS, the Portland OR party that redefined my definition of the word “Sweatbox.”  Not since Catch and I dropped by Floss’ OG “Get Out The Hood” party a few years ago have I seen this kind of stuff.  This was filmed at the night I played there, keep and eye out for your boy!

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