Rappin Ass Thursdays #1

Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Welcome to the inaugural Rappin Ass Thursdays (mega pause!)

I wanted to post up some more music on the blog that wasn’t directly FG related and this seemed like the best way to start. Every Thursday I’m gonna compile my favorite new downloads of the week just in time for you to grab before the weekend. This first one has tracks from GLC & Christian Rich, Wale, Donny Goines f. Che Grand & Izza Kizza, and DJ Soul’s Big L tribute mix. Lesssgoooooooooooo!!!

GLC & Christian Rich “My First Model” [mp3 via FSD]
Christian Rich are some NYC up-and-comers who rap and produce – you might have heard them on Armand’s “Ski Hard,” Izza Kizza’s “Hello” or their own “Famous Girl.” GLC is FG extended fam and one of the pimpinest to ever do it. He also has an excellent Twitter. They team up for the first time on this cut and the combo definitely works.

Wale “Chillin” [mp3]

Some of my favorite work has been putting together the 100 Miles And Running and The Mixtape About Nothing tapes with Wale. He’s an exceptional MC, he’s my friend – but to keep it 100, when Wale’s manager Dan first told me that they were getting Lady Gaga on their lead single I was SKEPTICAL AS FUCK. The gamble paid off though – not only did her “Walk Like An Egyptian” flow turn out pretty decent, but in the months since this was recorded Lady Gaga unexpectedly became the biggest RAP RADIO artist in the US (yes, I said it, and that makes it no less weird). And now that a proper video for “Chillin” finally dropped this week, I’m hoping she can take Wale even further. Also I like how to fulfill the requirement that all Interscope artists must have Dr Dre headphones somewhere in the video they put them on the dog.

Donny Goines f. Che Grand & Izza Kizza “She Likes” [mp3]
A week or two back Donny put out a free album called The Breakfast Club and he is dressed like John Bender on the cover. I’ve been listening to it on my Australian tour and this track is my favorite, it’s groovy and bumping and samples Feist’s Nina Simmone cover. Apple Juice Kid (who has been doing stuff with Ski and Camp Lo lately) is on the beat.

DJ Soul “Big L 5/30 Tribute Mixtape” [mp3]
NYC rap legend meets NYC DJ favorite. Flamboyant for life!