Rappin Ass Thursdays #5

Posted on Jul 2nd, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Back with some Joe Budden and the rest of his Slaughterhouse friends, Curren$y, Young Dro, Pink Dollaz and more. Crack a Becks (ay!) and hit the jump.

Slaughterhouse “The One” [mp3 via Nah Right]
Infinitely better red cup frat rap than a zillion Asher Roth singles and Lil Wayne guitar “experiments” combined, and unlike those major label terds, probably put together on a recording budget on par with Joe Budden’s EZ-Pass. Plus, these are some dudes who you’d actually want to party with. Pause. Can’t place the rock sample (likely wrong here, but Giant Drag? She was cute, I must be projecting…) but Khalil certainly flipped-ed it, and you know these four can rap some shit. Looking forward to the full Slaughterhouse LP, between this, “Woodstock Hip Hop”, and the simple black, white and red pork artwork… GREAT SUCCESS!

Curren$y “Lamborghini Dreams” [mp3 via OnSmash]
This doesn’t really stray too much from the lush keyboard + quick rap formula of Curren$y’s digi-only LP from a few months back. I could have said “faux-Neptunes beats,” but tryna be charitable here – it’s fine, someone just needs to get this kid some old records! He has a stony charm (Fun fact: Curren$y came by the Fool’s Gold SXSW showcase this year, I told him I was a fan of his stuff and he was bummed I didn’t have rolling papers. Where was Duster?!?!?!) that his singles and original jams have yet to match. Check the joints (har har) on that Wale tape, I want more of that kinda stuff.

Jap f. Young Dro & Big Kuntry “How We Get It” [mp3 via Fader]
There’s a whole sub-genre of jolly-ass ATL tracks with these big major key sock-hop chord progressions and singalong choruses. The best ones have Young Dro on them.

Pink Dollaz “Never Hungry [mp3]
And the best jerk songs remind me of Crime Mob. Shout to Mr Ducker!