Rappin Ass Thursdays #7 – Video Edition

Posted on Jul 16th, 2009 in Rappin Ass Thursdays > Videos by Mr. Goldbar

There were enough clips to go all audio/visual this week. Fuck it!

After the jump watch new joints from Tabi Bonney, Twista, Agent & Raynge feat. Camp Lo and Jet Audio feat. Daytona, as well as reappearances of previous Rappin Ass Thursday-praised songs by Slaughterhouse and Donny Goines feat. Che Grand & Izza Kizza.

Tabi Bonney “Jet Setter”

I met Tabi Bonney around the same time as Wale, when I went down to DC to write a story on both of them. Their styles couldn’t be more different – where Wale was trying to stuff as many hyperactive references, puns and double-entendres in each line as humanly possible, Tabi was simplifying his tunes to the point where they were pure vibes, emphasizing the power of negative space as much as any particular rhymes. His big track at the time was the sparse “The Pocket” (which I still play out often) and in the two years since, he’s not only abstracted his flow and sound even further (check the awesome, minimalist breeze “Cool & Fly”) but become quite the auteur in the process, directing or co-directing all of his recent clips. “Jet Setter” is the latest. I like how his hardest diss here is to call dudes “soup eaters.”

Jet Audio “Lose Your Mind (feat. The Kid Daytona)”

Trip hop lives!

Donnis “Clermont Lounge”

The best of the new ATLiens to watch puts his own spin on a massive (in my personal mind garden, anyway) album cut from two perennial favorites from the A.

Donny Goines f. Che Grand & Izza Kizza “She Likes”

Donny actually emailed us personally to say thanks for posting “She Likes” on “Rappin Thursdays.” You’re welcome!

Slaughterhouse “The One”

This is still my shit. And you have no idea how happy I am that Rik Cordero didn’t go green screen (no shots).

Agent & Raynge ft. Camp Lo “Minivan”

Reappropriated cartoon footage is kind of whatever a decade and change after “Daytona 500”, but this beat is kewl. So are outs to NJ plates, Matt Dillon and doing drugs in minvans. They don’t get enough props! Last time was Foxy talking about Nautica vans and Rae shouting out Mazda MPVs.

Twista “Birthday”

Speaking of green screen… I thought the girl in the cake had CGI pasties but they are actual glitter and cardboard!!! 110 is an underrated tempo and Twista is an underrated rapper.