Rappin Ass Thursdays #11

Posted on Aug 13th, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays > Videos by Mr. Goldbar

Recommended tunes this week from Donnis, Ray Cash (yes!) feat Curren$y & D.A., The DBz, Kingpin Kingpen Slim, V.I.C. & Rich Kid$, and Wine-O.

Donnis “Over Do It” [mp3]
Obviously I’m beyond biased here, seeing how young Ladonnis played on the FG Bball team yesterday (and is working on some other things with us) but tell me this joint he leaked today isn’t TUFF. More to come on his Diary Of An Atlanta Brave mixtape with 10.Deep later this month.

Ray Cash Ft. Curren$y & D.A. “Certified” [mp3]
Got this link while typing the post up and haven’t listened yet (hotel internet isn’t feeling zShare too heavy) but will share completely on the strength: I have a hard time believing anything from this bespectacled favorite could be anything less than enjoyable.

DBz “On My Own Dick”

Any new Sick Wid It is a good thing. Plus: I can relate.

Kingpen Slim The Beam Up [mixtape]
You might recognize Slim from the last tape I did with Wale (when he was going by Kingpin instead of Kingpen) but he’s much more than just “another DC guy” – dude’s flipping a very original voice, not just in terms of style and content, but in a very literal sense of how his words sound (this might be the single hardest thing to get across to aspiring artists and demo submitters: YOUR VOICE ON THE RECORD NEEDS TO SOUND GOOD IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO YOU). Slim’s own tape The Beam Up came out a few weeks ago and has a bunch of very choice rap nuggets scattered throughout, with single “Powder 4 Da Babies” and the go-go flavored “Phatter Than You” the definite highlights. Keep an ear open…

V.I.C. f Rich Kid$ “G5” [mp3]
If I had actual free time in my life I’d go off on an extended “What Rap Metaphor Is More Played: Space or Airport?” tangent (and drop choice anecdotes about seeing V.I.C. on the Summer Jam side stage with Kid Sister last summer) but since that’s gonna happen any time soon… Lets just say there’s still something kind of goofy and irresistible with “G5,” nestled somewhere between V.I.C.’s oddball boasts (King Solomon swag?) and borrowed “Gz & Hustlas” bridge, Rich Kid$ singing (these melodies are from the same “Patna Dem” kids?) and the r&b synth flutes. Easily the best song on Rappin Ass Thursdays produced by a guy named DJ Mr Hanky!

Wine-O “I Pop” [mp3]
Easily the best song on Rappin Ass Thursdays by a guy with an eye patch!