Rappin Ass Thursdays #16

Posted on Sep 17th, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Another random batch of new tunes this week from Brisco, Curren$y, Jay Rock, Remi, and New Boyz & Tyga.

Brisco f. Ballgreezy and Billy Blue “Black Shades” [mp3]
Miami bass has been part of Florida rap DNA forever, and for most of this decade you could always count on the dollar bin for a bright yellow Slip N Slide 12″ sleeve (or in the case of Pitbull’s early singles, a neon green TVT one) with some amazing fast rap joint inside. Then Flo-Rida happened, and all these bass-inspired records kept getting poppier (and poopier). You can usually depend on Brisco to keep his uptempo stuff relatively thugged out, but on this one it sounds like he’s trying to split the difference. No! Too much singing in the clurb! Still really like most of this though. The chipmunk hook is catchy and Ballgreezy is an excellent name.

Curren$y “Newer Polution” [mp3]
Yes, this is a loop of Beck’s “New Pollution.” Yes, it is fun. No, Lloyd Banks’ “Greenday” does not sample Green Day, though I think we all dodged a bullet with that one.

Jay Rock “I Know (f. K.Dot & Ab-Soul) [mp3]
Keeping the BPMs high for one mo! This joint is a bright spot in Jay Rock’s “30 Day Takeover” – NO ONE ACTUALLY LIKES these promo schemes and random daily freestyles, just give me the three or four best songs! It’s called releasing music! Jay Rock is infinitely more interesting on a cut like this with it’s own sound and personality (and shuffling blaxploitation hi-hats) than freestyling over “Respect My Conglomerate” or some shit.

Remi “Phone Codes” [mp3]
“Rem Dog speaking, what can I do ya for?” Like I was saying, personality goes along way. The “talking about drugs as if they are not drugs” concept has been kind of played even before Yung Joc’s “Coffee Shop” but Remi makes it work for him with a tangible sense of humor, haven’t heard anything else from him yet but he seems like a dude to keep an eye on. The 808s come courtesy of Fat Boi, who’s definitely a dude to keep an eye on, he’s quietly crafting bigger and bigger Southern hits like Gucci’s “Wasted.”

New Boyz f Tyga “Crickets” [mp3]
Most of the New Boyz record is “You’re A Jerk” (which I love) in varying degrees of “less good” but this one is a keeper. And has crickets on the beat. I don’t know why anyone would rush kids with one or two good songs into making a full-length album when they could just license the best tracks from 20 of those kids and release an amazing compilation. I guess I’ll just have to get that on a DJ mix for free. Record labels hate money!