Rappin Random Ass Thursdays #31

Posted on Feb 18th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

I keep a RAT folder on the desktop for all the new stuff that piques my interest enough for general column consideration, then pick through for standouts to post for you, the good people of the Fool’s Gold website. Tonight it’s not about the newest or the “best of,” we’re gonna go straight to the mp3 oddballs: Ryan Leslie radio commercials, mixtapes based on Trey Parker movies, and more of the raps that make you go hmmmmmm.

Ryan Leslie “Use Turbo Tax” [mp3]
The first thing I learned as I was popping my collar/ Is that the average refund is twenty two hundred dollars…

Deuce Poppi “Go Poppi Go” [mp3]
The follow up to “My White Friends,” naturally. It’s the same vortex of taste that seems to have trapped Gorilla Zoe as of late. A slip slid too far?

Crooked I “Fireflies Freestyle” [mp3]
Stick around for the singing bit at the end. Elephant Man might have taken the gold on this one though.

Bishop Lamont Team America Fuck Yeah Special Forces [mixtape]
Speaking of winners: Aftermath afterthought Bishop Lamont outdid everyone in this post hands down through the sheer conceptual commitment to his Team America Fuck Yeah Special Forces mixtape, which came out around Christmas but hasn’t really generated much chatter considering how BATSHIT INSANE IT IS. Yes, the puppet movie. Yes, he does the voices – and so does Rhettmatic (!!!) as Kim Jung Ill. “Fuck North Korea” is the standout but the whole thing is pretty wow.