Rappin Ass Thursdays #37

Posted on Jun 10th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Sorry I skipped two weeks y’all. But in that time, no shockers. Kanye, Ross and Jeezy still the hardest shit out (honorable mention to Vado: slime, it’s your time!), Drake album has its moments inbetween interminable amounts of r&b self-loathing, Eminem “comeback” LP 100% unlistenable – and I’m not trying to hear it about the production credits, I love Just and Khalil’s shit too but even the better tracks could have been Game album cuts if Jayceon was all AY CUZ AY MAKE THIS LIKE METALLICA UNFORGIVEN WITH TOO MUCH ORGAN AND WE WILL ROCK YOU DRUMS but thats a rant for another time. And ultimately a moot point, good beat + bad songwriting = bad music no matter how you attempt to justify otherwise. EXHALE. But why focus on the big dogs, here’s some joints you may have missed.

1st String “Goin In Circles” [mp3]
Spoke too soon, gotta go back to the Eminem for a sec. “No Love” actually sounds pretty good when his mouth is closed and it’s just Wayne on the track over a Just Blaze Haddaway flip – however, when it comes to Night At The Roxbury rap you gotta give it up to Crime Mob. Which is a perfect segue to this track by 1st String (apparently they are new Desert Storm artists?) that revisits the recent vintage beat from CM’s “Circles.” What are you up to now, Dirty Doc Jam?

Gucci Mane & Swizz Beats “It’s Alive” [mp3]
Sounds like an unfinished track but DAMN this feels good. 808s and “Eyes Without A Face” pads. Keith Forsey in this bitch.

Travis Porter “Drunk Sex” [mp3]
More dreamy synths, but this beat sounds like “high sex,” no? Drunk needs more Benny Hill vibes.

Joell Ortiz “Drunk” [mp3]
Theme developing? Love this song, Joell has always been a favorite but he’s really hitting his stride musically and conceptually these days. Run it back with Devin The Dude’s “Party” for maximum slopped up planet rocking and general inappropriateness.

Black Rob “Shake A Leg” [mp3]
You had me at “Black Rob.” Welcome back!

Pill & Killer Mike “Westsiders” [mp3]
Killer Mike “Swimming” [mp3]
“Yo ass old news like Fubu/ Who you?/ Dressed in all black/ Desmond Tutu.” Hot fire from two of ATL’s best (while Emile murders the guitar loop) on this standout from the new Pill tape. Mike’s Flying Lotus-produced “Swimming” not too shabby either. Some rappin ass rap.

Ralph Dog f. Sean Price “Nothin 2 Lose” [mp3]
Speaking of just that, here’s some choice alliteration from “the super-sized slug sender Saturday night special shooter who sip sizzurp and burp buddah,” Jesus Price. Always nice to hear from EZ Elpee as well, and let’s just put it out there as a contender for name of year: RALPH DOG.

Rah Digga “This Ain’t No Li’l Kid Rap” [mp3]
Truth in advertising: this ain’t no little kid rap. It’s not exactly 29 year old Flipmode fan rap either, so not sure what to make of this. That said, still looking forward to the rest of Ms Digga’s new Nottz-produced LP (suggestion: needs more Young Zee!)