Rappin Ass Thursdays #39

Posted on Jun 24th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Some tracks from the past week, no more no less. If you’re in Chicago tonight come through Beauty Bar for RAT: The Party with Flosstradamus and yours truly.

Gucci Mane “Mr Zone 6” [mp3]
“I got bags of torch/ On my yard and porch.” Not sure who produced (incidentally: I like it!), but I file it in my mind cabinet alongside Wayne’s “Drop The World” in beats that owe some subliminal, wholly hypothetical debt to Boy 8-Bit’s “Baltic Pine.”

Mr Finley f. TDK “Get Ya Hustle Up” [mp3]
More prog rap! Rennaisance faire rollin, courtesy DJ Toomp.

Kokane f. Above The Law “Lay You Down” [mp3]
Dogg Pound f. Snoop “Don’t Give A Fucc” [mp3]
There’s a DC Comics-style alternate earth somewhere, and on that planet Kokane and Above The Law achieved The Chronic-level mass success in the 90s. (Dukakis was president too.) Meanwhile, back on the west coast of Earth One, Snoop fills his days with tribute songs to HBO vampire soap operas and Katy Perry guest verses while occasionally popping up on indie album breakbeat deep cuts with the Dogg Pound.

Moola Gang “Turn Off The Lights” [mp3]
Downloaded this Moola Gang mixtape from an unsolicited promo email (are there any other kind?) because the cover art and title just seemed too… random to pass up. Lo and behold, their I’m Heavy Hunny mixtape is a pretty solid crew compilation of unknown PA rap dudes like YD, Petey & Jilsel, keeping all production in-house and tapping the same 70s quiet storm disco rapp vein as Pittsburgh-ian Wiz Khalifa’s Kush And OJ. Trending topic?

Party Boyz “Wet Wet” [mp3]
Produced by “Toilet Gang,” whose producer drop is an actual flush.