Food Gold: Perfect Potatoes #Swag

Posted on Oct 20th, 2010 in Food Gold by Mr. Goldbar

For this week’s Food Gold we are taking you back to culinary boot camp and showing you how to turn out the most perfect roasted potatoes you and your guests have ever eaten. These spudz are crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and seasoned at the very last moment, not unlike Pomme Frites. But, these are much “healthier” since they are roasted and not deep fried. I’m kind of whatever about health but I can say that these are super easy to make and require little to no effort once you get the basic science (dry potatoes = crispy potatoes) down.

So check it out grazzhopperz, you can use this format for any crispy potato dish you make, the only things that are critical are that potatoes are very dry when they hit the hot oil and that you salt them AFTER they are done roasting/cooking. Thanks to Food Gold friend Sam Goldman for his guru guidance with this cook-ology.

– 1 lb red or so roasting potatoes, quartered

– Any fresh or dried herbs you want to use

– Olive Oil

– Salt

1. Cut potatoes into quarters and soak in large bowl of cold water for approximately 15 minutes. This will draw the extra starch out of the potatoes and make them much crispier in the end.

2. Heat oven to 400 degrees and place large skillet or roasting pan in oven.

3. Drain potatoes and wipe/re-wipe/re-re-wipe with paper towels until all potatoes are SUPER DRY. Not only will this make the skins crispy, it will save you much pain when you drop the potatoes into the hot oil.

4. Remove skillet from oven, coat entire bottom of pan with olive oil and heat olive oil until it moves in waves. You can do this on the stovetop or in the oven but it’s important that the oil is hot when the potatoes go in.

5. Add your super dry potatoes to the skillet/pan and place in oven. Add any fresh or dried herbs (if you are using them) now.

6. Roast for approximately 35 minutes or until crisp, tossing every ten minutes or so. Crank the heat up to 550 for last few minutes if you want your taters uber crispy.

7. Remove potatoes from oven and season with salt.

8. Serve immediately!

Fork The World,