Rappin Ass Thursdays #47

Posted on Oct 21st, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Just chilling on the couch with my phoenix.

Fred The Godson “Too Fat” [mp3]
Fred The Godson = Nick The Uninterested. His career already seems to have gone further than Gravy’s though, so I suppose that’s a win.

Consequence “Alphabet Boys” [mp3]
Kanye on his rubberband shit! This beat sounds like a really drunk, really paranoid WB cartoon. Cleaning Tecs at Termite Terrace…

CyHi Da Prynce “Hero” [mp3]
The CyHi tape is sequenced oddly, I know he’s going for “conceptual” with the Royal Flush theme (diamonds = girl songs, spades = street shit, etc) but in practice it buries the best songs like “Hero” all the way at the end. Still, worth sticking around for. (Need more violin-y boom bap? Check Badio’s “Kiss The Sky” and “Chillin With My Chick.”)

Balance f Mitchy Slick “My Own Shit” [mp3]
Everything about this – from Mitchy’s intro / outro (“Masterskatin! Defaskatin!”) to the trunk beat to the camouflage TP cover art – is awesome.

Redman “Def Jammable” [mp3]
“I’m not mad at this, but I don’t know…it’s not the same anymore.” – Eskay

Vado “Snapped” [mp3]
The whole Slime Flu album is pure uncut white Acura music. It’s designed as a retail mixtape (whatever that means) but rather than feeling like a collection of throwaways, it just takes the “album” pressure off – there’s no unnecessary guests, corny radio r&b records, etc. Just new NY shit for your car. “Snapped” is a “Blaze A 50” tribute, insane!

Reek Da Villain f. DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz, Cam’ron, Vado, Method Man & Nelly “Mechanics (Remix)” [mp3]
Absurdist posse cut over one of the best (flagrant) beat reanimations of the year. Plus Killa with the Peter Gatien shout.

Fabolous “You Be Killin Em” [mp3]
Ryan Leslie strikes again! Out since the summer, just now really taking off as one of my favorite radio records of the moment, totally making up for (scratch that, embracing) Fabolous’ affinity for Henny Youngman-level bad puns and one-liners. Some of his most egregious punchlines of late are found in this one (“Her feet killin her/ I call it shoeicide”) but he also says “she gotta donkey with a Juan Valdez,” which makes me ROFL every single time.

Flem Blak f. BOB “Turn Me Up” [mp3]
I didn’t even listen to this, I just wanted to say the name FLEM BLAK. Sike I listened, this is butt.