Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Jul 11th, 2011 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

Missed a couple mondays…sue me, we were busy making a store! But no excuses, word to Layne. Some recent mixed favorites after the jump.

K.U.D.O. on Beats In Space [mp3]
Perfectly dusty jams (including a Moody Boyz mix of Amy Winehouse I always felt was super slept on) from half of Major Force. Backstory here and here if u not knowings. Also: a standout voicemail left for BIS host Tim Sweeney.

A&A Live At Love Fever [mp3]
Assorted filthy danceables.

Superbrush & Mike2600 Extra Large Mix [mp3]

Breakbot Lazy Sunday Selectah [mp3]
Thibaut Berland is a funky brother. An appropriately anytime summer mix.

Hackman FACT Mix [mp3]
I thought this was gonna be “future bass”?!? Jus keeeding. Reccomended collection of slow-rolling house(ish) stuff from the dude behind this marimba jam.