Rappin Ass Thursdays #58

Posted on Dec 22nd, 2011 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Last R.A.T. of the year. We had a good one y’all! Stay tuned for more, and check a bunch of new jams after the jump (handily zipped up for you here).

Nakim feat Jadakiss “Swervin”

Any artist with an LP entitled FUK EM is worth checking out in my book. Bonus points for getting Jada to rap over White Town.

Fam-Lay “Clap Clap”

The fact that there are only three Fam-Lay tracks available on iTunes (and two of them are clean versions!) is a got damn shame. Ok I’m lying, there’s more if you dig. But I’m making a point here! There needs to be more Fam-Lay music available dammit!

Slick Rick “Need Some Bad” [mp3]
Ricky and Primo, this rules.

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa “630” [mp3]
The new joint (har har) album from Snoop and Wiz is filled with breezers like this, it’s very solid. I get the marketing of dropping now for xmas shoppers, but c’mon y’all, this is springtime music if there ever was…

T-Pain feat Detail & E-40 “Nuthin” [mp3]
Man, Teddy dropped his new record to absolute crickets. There’s not even a Fader post about his various steampunk headgear looks. But the record has a couple jams, the Lilly Allen joint is my secret radio favorite and this album closer with E-40 is nice and slappish.

Cousin Fik “Pow”

Can’t go wrong with DJ Fresh (DJ Frreshh….Drrrrrjjjj Frrrrrrruuuurrrshhh…) also this video has lots of teh weeds in it.

Keak Da Sneak “Ain’t Goin Nowhere” [mp3]
Lets keep it Bayish (hey, worked for Drake) with a joint off Mr Sneak’s unheralded new Keak Hendrix release. Keyboard worms galore.

Ace Hood “Forgivn” [mp3]
Ace Hood “Yuup” [mp3]
Ace Hood is probably best known for Twitter gags but he can always be counted on for a dependable mixtape surprise or two. On “Forgivn” DJ Khaled (?!?) gets jeep-y on the Nas “Memory Lane” sample, turning out a perfect soundbed for struggle bars. And “Yuup” is just TOUGH! Ace almost sounds like Gunplay Don Logan.

Gunplay “Bogota” [mp3]