Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Jan 16th, 2012 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

New batch of week startin’ deejay mixes after the jump.

Salva Fader Mix [mp3]
Exceptionally groovy, future-minded electro funk. (Salva gives a nice Bay recognize Bay shout out to Teeko on that Mark Ronson remix too!)

Marc Houle Synth Pop Mix [mp3]
Not sure where the “pop” part comes in but this is a nice and icy collection of jams for drum machine heads and closet goths alike.

Munga Slow It Down Mix [mp3]
Bunch of disco, old and nu.

Hedspin The R Mixtape Vol 1 [mp3]
Frank The Butcher & 7L Essential Dipset Mix + Diplomats OG Sample Mix [mp3]
Raps & samples, simple as that.

GMC Georges Frêche Money: Best Of DJ Fresh [mp3]
Same thing, though not quite as simple. But this is why I love technology, part 1,000,000: this is a French mix compiling work from awesome (and relatively obscure) producer DJ Fresh, with artwork featuring a dragon attacking the Golden Gate Bridge and a bonus mix of all Fresh’s ’80s r&b samples. Vive le internets!