Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Jan 30th, 2012 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

New and approved DJ mixes to start the week off right, you already know.

Waldo Rules Associated Mix #1 [mp3]
For those not knowing, Waldo is a near-mythical party character amongst the Los Angeles DJ cognoscenti. Slang inventor, vibe provider, and truth be told, a really fun disc jockey in his own right, as this mix of synthy jams recorded live at LA’s Association will attest. In the man’s own words: TITE AS FUCK. Wish it was two hours long.

Gerry Read XLR8R Mix [mp3]
Don’t know much about Mr Read, other than the fact that he’s the latest “mysterious” UK guy to be fellated by the XLR8R blog. But this mix is dusted! All kinds of shit and a nice build throughout.

Bowski Fabric Mix [mp3]
Techno ass techno.

Dave Fogg Cineman Mix [mp3]
Electronic mood music from movie films on an early ’80s tip. Vibe out to this (though how come no Cat People tho?)