Thee Mike B "Los Angeles: Tite At Nite" Compilation

Posted on Feb 1st, 2012 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

For his new compilation, the peerless disc jockey / Fifteenth co-conspirator known as Mike B has put together seven brand new tracks from some of the best young talent residing in the city he calls home. Download it for free thanks to Scion A/V, and watch the dance levels rise immediately…

1. Fifteenth “Get You Down”
2. Geisha Twins “Can’t Stop” Feat. Roma Adrian
3. Steven Bloodbath & (Thee)Mike B “Iration”
4. Glass Actor “Apeirophobia Pt. 2”
5. DJ Dodger Stadium “Late Night Respek”
6. Evan Stalker “Ensenada Lights”
7. Over The Top “On Fire”