Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Feb 13th, 2012 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

Get downloadin…

Das Glow Concrete mix [mp3]
When this got to the Twin Peaks theme everyone in the office went OH SHITTTT.

Martelo The Wonderful World Of Roses Gabor [mp3]
According to Martelo, this showcase for Ms Gabor (a UK vocalist you may have heard from her work with Greenmoney and many more) was designed to bridge the gap between a “normal artist mixtape” and an actual DJ mix. Safe! Check it and vibe out.

?uestlove Hot 97 Dilla Tribute Mix [mp3]
While internet peanut gallerists spent last week debating the Dilla fandom of strangers, ?uesto was playing Donuts on daytime terrestrial radio in the biggest city in the world.

DJ Green Giant x Gasface Down With The King [mp3]
Galt McDermot’s sampled classics mixed with the rap records that made them famous. (Spoiler alert: you love all of them.)