Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Sep 24th, 2012 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

Trax new and old to start yer week, dig in…

Michna Noisey Mix [mp3]
Emotive breakdance jams and late night Miami creepers, highly recommended…

Mike B & Rick Rude Black Banditz Mix [mp3]
Raps, traps, reggaes, houseables. Impeccably tite.

DJ YT 80s Poptastic Spectacular [mp3]
Yes, Soundcloud says this was posted a year ago, but it’s new to me (and clearly all the music is FROM THE 1980s in the first place, so STFU). Not “pop” in the Debbie Gibson sense but Coldcut and “Tom’s Diner” and De La Soul and Lisa Lisa, which never gets old.

Pete Rock Stussy x Delicious Vinyl Mix [mp3]
Soul Brother #1 puts together tracks from the Delicious Vinyl catalog to celebrate the label’s 25th (!!!) anniversary. Your coworkers will wonder aloud why “Bust A Move” is playing but the copious ammounts of Masta Ace will quickly make up for it.

Cut Chemist ET Extra Twisted [mp3]
Cut Chemist Disco Is Dead [mp3]

While we’re going back (way back… back into time…) BK’s Self Titled Magazine was nice enough to upload two great Cut Chemist mixes recorded live a few years ago at Hollywood Forever Cemetery for their Cinespia series, where CC DJed live before screenings of ET and Saturday Night Fever, respectively.