Monday Morning Mixes

Posted on Jan 7th, 2013 in Downloads by Mr. Goldbar

New cuts to start yer day!

DJ Tap.10 Year Of The Swaggin [mp3]
If you’re reading this blog, I’d hope you’re at least a little familiar with IAMSU, DJ Mustard, Problem and their 808 murdering friends. If not, DJ Tap.10 will get you up to speed with this collection of his favorite “Shmop, Function and Ratchet music” from last year.

A Silent Flute My Cabana [mp3]
Does not contain any Ty$, just 40 minutes of extremely wavy lite jazz, 70s steel drum pop, and other joints to stick a drink umbrella into.

Tom Moulton Live At The Sandpiper 1974 [mp3]
The inventor of the 12″ mix drops pre-disco funk and soul nuggets at a club on Fire Island four decades ago. It is as wig-push-backingly groovy as you would expect.

Untold Fact Mix [mp3]
Warning: this is not first cup of coffee material. Ecstatic early ’90s breakbeat madness, ripped from Untold’s original vinyl collection. Save for your 4pm rescue and move small animals outside blast radius.

Mike G “This Is Noise” Mix [mp3]
Preditah Mixmag Mix Of The Week [mp3]
These aren’t the modern day rave counterparts, but definitely two quality sets to throw on after Untold’s, for the bass and the snare and the GLAVINN!