Soul Clap

Soul Clap have spent two decades honing a uniquely soulful spin on underground house and disco sounds. How does a duo from Boston become a leading name in the global dance music scene? By emphasizing community, from their Crew Love artist collaborations (“music that challenges the mind, moves the heart, and sways the hips,” says Resident Advisor) to their DJs For Climate Action initiatives. In everything they do, Soul Clap live up to their name as empathetic selectors and heartfelt producers, a two man feedback loop eternally tuned into the frequency of the crowd. After a year like we’ve all had, it’s only natural those energies would be channeled into an album called WTF (World Transformation Force), out Earth Day (April 22 2021.) The World EP is the first broadcast from the album, featuring expertly crafted, deeply funky cuts like “Back 2 Love,” offering an uplifting dancefloor detox for the anxiety of our times.

  • Soul Clap
    WTF: Transformed & Remixed
  • Soul Clap
    WTF (World Transformation Force)