Crash the Party

Ricky Blaze

Crash The Party

Release Date: 7/17/12 - FGR063

It’s impossible to find an artist name as spot-on accurate as Ricky Blaze. For years, this young Brooklyn artist has set fire to underground parties, New York radio and international festivals alike. Whether producing for Major Lazer, Santigold and Nicki Minaj, or crafting his own inventively melodic solo smashes like “Cut Dem Off” and “I Feel Free,” Ricky understands the elements of club combustion better than almost anyone on the planet. On his Fool’s Gold debut Crash The Party, Ricky adds even more styles to his catalog, mashing uptempo dancehall with ’90s-inspired house vibes for three undeniable party cuts (including the title track, a collab with Chelley, whose “Took The Night” was another DJ-beloved Ricky production). Grab your lighters, turn up the bass, and do what the song says…