Fool's Gold Clubhouse

Various Artists

Fool’s Gold Clubhouse Vol. 1

Release Date: 7/24/12

As a wise man once said, “WE STAY IN THE CLUB! WE LIVE IN THE CLUB! WE GO TO CHURCH IN THE CLUB! WE PAY OUR TAXES IN THE CLUB! WE DO EVERYTHING IN THE CLUB!” It is with that same spirit that we proudly present FOOL’S GOLD CLUBHOUSE: dance records from FG friends and family, and branded stages at festivals around globe. It’s all curated by Fool’s Gold co-founders A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs with the same joyfully irreverent, 100% DJ-friendly perspective that made them start a label in the first place. From the loudest rave lasers to the deepest UNTZ to the illest end-of-night chill out trax, we got you… on-stage and off.