Maka & Durkin


Release Date: 9/12/18 - FGR233

Boston duo Maka + Durkin channel global dance vibes on their effervescent new Fool’s Gold release Waterproof, blending afrobeats and dancehall rhythms, classic house and R&B, and future-minded beats from their hometown and beyond. But Waterproof’s personal touches take those international musical vibes to a deeper level. From bilingual single “Malie,” sung in English and Maka’s native Tongan (“Malie is a Tongan word that means well done. It’s most often used to appreciate when people are dancing well, or after someone sings a song and does a good job”) to perseverance anthem “Tropical Rain” featuring Ghostdad, Waterproof adds a welcome dose of island magic and IRL emotions to Maka + Durkin’s hybrid electronic sound.

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