Telephoned "Last Time"

Release Date: 10/02/12 - FGR071

Fool’s Gold’s resident dance pop duo Telephoned slow down the BPMs for “Last Time,” a swirling end-of-summer jam built on jumprope melodies and Aqua Net synth lines that you’ll be humming well into next year. Sammy and Maggie’s new wave funk gets cranked to the max by an expert roster of remixers: Krystal Klear drops the song into proper New Jack Swing territory (complete with Seinfeld-ian slap bass!), Amtrac turns up the tempo with his club-ready disco house mix, while Kutkorners provides a closing credits-worthy boogie slow burner. Major Lazer’s buddy JR Blender even shows up to the party with a sweet lover’s rock version of Telephoned’s “The Vow,” serving as a perfect postscript to this must-listen remix collection.

1. Last Time
2. Last Time (Krystal Klear Remix)
3. Last Time (Amtrac Remix)
4. Last Time (Kutkorners Remix)
5. The Vow (JR Blender Remix)