A Night at the Museum, Pt.2

Posted on Feb 3rd, 2008 in Live > Pics by Mr. Goldbar

It’s a complete coincidence that Kid Sister and I were booked to perform at New York and LA’s Museums of Natural History on consecutive weekends. The events were unrelated, we’re not on a museum tour or anything.

Both turned out to be awesome in their own way. You already saw what the New York one was like last week… Kiiiinda crazy, with the surprise appearance of a fur-clad Kanyeezy. That one was in the planetarium, so it was very much a multi-media themed room. The LA show this weekend was a lot more like what you’d expect to see in a museum of natural history: a giant dinosaur skeleton when you walk in and a bunch of displays of impeccably preserved yaks, bisons, sea lions (those things are big!) and other cuddly creatures in simulated home habitat backdrops. How many times did I yell “stegosaurus!” on the mic during my set? One may never know.

Have you ever done a sound check for a room full of lifeless beasts? Awkward!! But anyway, just like the New York show the turnout was overwhelmingly good. This place was packed to the brim at 8pm. Good to do an all-ages show once in a while too. This crowd was just ready to boogie! They seriously got down for 2 hours straight, it was so much fun.

Now some of you might have seen pictures of a cardboard cut-out of DJ Mehdi and me at the LA Fool’s Gold show. This guy gave it to us in the audience and it was nothing short of amazing. Except Mehdi and I lost it the next day in the lobby of our San Francisco hotel. Major bummer. Well homeboy actually made me a new one and brought it to the museum! Complete with 4 pairs of sunglasses and… a ping pong racket? So of course I took a gazillion pictures of it with the fauna. I only wish I could have captured it as it went through the x-ray machine at the airport yesterday, but you can’t take pictures in that area. Anyhoo, enjoy these snapshots!