Fool's Gold WMC Recap

Posted on Mar 31st, 2008 in Live by Mr. Goldbar

The whole Fool’s Gold DJ fam was out in Miami for Winter Music Conference this past weekend. Along with our massive label showcase on Friday night, folks DJed at a ton of other events through the weekend – we’re still waiting for people to upload more photos and videos (send em if you got em!) but meanwhile here’s a quick rundown of the festivities.

Wednesday night we kicked things off with an almost comically baller dinner then headed downtown (pause) to see Craze’s Bass Sessions party as well as the Dubsided event next door. Roxy took some pics at that one, and it was great hanging with Annie Mac, Sinden, Switch and the rest of our UK pals until the backstage got waaaaaay too sloppy to hear yourself talk. We bounced just as the Dirtybird crew was getting ready to start their super late-night party, but heard the next day that it was excellent. You go birds.

Photo by Clayton

On Thursday, FG DJ duties were split between the Puma Store (Trizzy, LA Riots, Catch, Sammy) and the Scion Pool party (JOTS). Free promotional fun was had by all! More pool flicks here.

A Guns N Bombs and a Nacho Lover (Nacho Lovers Fun Fact #1 – Andrew invented the word “blog house.” For better or worse.)

We threw A-Trak a surprise birthday party and the Chromeo bros flew in for it. Once again we all got fat and loved it.

Afterwards a bunch of Fool’s Gold DJs played the “Wish You Were Here” party at Suite/Snatch. It turned out to be kinda bougie but as you can tell from the above flick, Morse Code had a good time. More pics here and on Roxy’s blog.

Photo by Android

This girl was also at the Puma Store show and our showcase the next day. We should get her on the street team.

Friday brought more Scion pool party action (flicks here), followed by the main event…

Photo by Young Machines

FOOL’S GOLD WMC! Words can’t express just how fun this was, although the Miami New Times came close: “Better than all the sleep you’re missing from WMC, times 10. Although most of the brouhaha was supposedly occurring Friday night over at Ultra, one seemingly underground party emerged from the woodworks of Downtown Miami. Dubbed by LA Riots as ‘THE party of the conference,’ the Fool’s Gold joint was fresher than an economy-sized hand sanitizer – which everyone in the house could have used after the decks were violated dirty-style.”

Opening party sets from Sammy Bananas, Nick Catchdubs, and Nacho Lovers went everywhere from uptempo ’80s R&B to Wiley to “The Big Kazoo,” and Treasure Fingers got on and delivered his ATLien take on crunchy electro.

LA Riots kicked things off with a special WMC version of their Hot Chip remix, and brought out the first surprise guest of the night, JFK of MSTRKRFT.

Surprise guest #2 was our high-powered boy Surkin, who kept the party popping with a super energetic Ableton set.

Rave cave champs Jokers of the Scene had all the DJs on stage trainspotting their Serato screens when they dropped new tracks like “Baggy Bottom Boys.”

Next up was guest #3 (and perhaps the most easily deciphered secret appearance on our flyer), Boys Noize. Check out the YouTube clip for some real-life “oi oi oi!”

Photo by Young Machines

Then it was time for Trizzy to get bizzy. Not only did A-Trak start his set with a nod to Puff (whose own heavily-hyped party was going down on South Beach) but he somehow ended up at Casa Diddy at 7 in the morning. I’ll let him tell you that story himself…

Photo by Young Machines

Photo by Young Machines

DJ Mehdi arrived at the end of A-Trak’s set to jump in and deliver his own particular brand of Ed Banging, and then Nacho Lovers got back on to close out the night with some sweet, extended version house classics.

So yeah, everyone kilt it. And as much fun as we had – and as much of an honor as it was having guys like Erol Alkan come out just to watch and support this thing of ours – it was even more mindblowing to see the completely packed crowd lose their shit throughout the whole night, even though there were a ton of other parties going on accross town. Thank you, ladies and gents! You destroyed a weather balloon! More photos here.

Saturday we recharged our batteries at the Raleigh pool (that’s not Tommy Sunshine’s mini-me, it’s Max from Certified Bananas), listening to the Stones Throw superstars – including A-Trak and Mehdi rocking NYC rap and freestyle classics – and kicked it up on the rooftop for Anthem’s party later that afternoon, doing interviews for Karmaloop.TV and debating if Sammy or Surkin gets carded more often.

After a valiant attempt to check A-Trak at Ronson and Co’s Yo Yo party (somehow Moby was in the entourage at this point?!?), most of us ended up at the Scion bash, where Chris from Jokers of the Scene and our boy Drop The Lime dropped unreleased heavy bass gems back-to-back, while the Rub had everyone feeling real groovy in the main room.

Photo by Ian

Steve Kream from Buffalo showed up (Nacho Lovers Fun Fact #2: Scott and Steve make up “Les Biches,” who you might remember from the Clipse remix CD), and Cosmo busted out the cowbell. More photos from the party are over here.

And with that, the party was over – it was time to head back to the hotel, sneak into the pool and go pack. See you next year!