Trizzy Likes… Definitions of the word Trizzy

Posted on Jul 25th, 2008 in Trizzy Likes by Mr. Goldbar

Our homie Chris from the Bag Raiders hipped me to this. He googled “trizzy” and the first thing he saw was a quote from that said “I farted so hard it nearly tore my trizzy. Also you must be careful when waxing the bean bag that you don’t tear the trizzy.” Curious, he followed the link to said website. Peep how they define my lil’ moniker after the jump.

1. To get Trashed, drunk, crunked.

Last night Will was so trizzy.

2. A person who is a out there [sic]; a hoe; a person who sells their body for money; short term for “a trick”.

You already knew Keisha was a trizzy. (Ed. note: Not Keisha!?)

3. The line that runs down the middle of your ball bag.

That last one gave the above referenced quote…
Thanks a lot,!

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