Rappin Ass Thursdays #3

Posted on Jun 18th, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Psyched about this week’s edition because it features a lot of tunes I haven’t really seen get much shine on the usual internet channels – which is exactly what I wanted this column to showcase (as opposed to my two cents on, like, “Death Of Autotune.” No shots…)

Hit the jump for new Bone Thugs & Harmony, TI, Camp Lo, Killer Mike, DJ Deadeye and Friends, Bounceback, and – just because – a dancehall song.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony “My Dolla Bills” [mp3]
WE’RE NOT AGAINST RAP…WE’RE NOT AGAINST RAP-PERS… Damn this is exactly what I want from a reunited BTNH. Their last record had it’s moments (thanks Swizz) but was kind of slept on, Fader cover notwithstanding. Looking forward from more from the Cleveland boys. The first time I DJed there I wanted to go to E.1999 St but it doesn’t exist. Instead the highlight of the Ohio trip was weird Robocop graffiti by Pase Rock’s old apartment in Natti the next day.

TI “Make You Sweat” [mp3]
Sped-up Led Zeppelin over an electro rap beat that sounds like A-Trak’s “Mastered”. Pretty random, posting mostly for the Zep. Wayne’s rock album needs to just be 10 tracks that sound like “Dazed And Confused” instead of whatever Hot Topic kinda shit he’s on.

Camp Lo “Summer Love” [mp3 via Nah Right]
Using the Sylvia Striplin sample from Junior Mafia “Get Money” is totally cheating, but fuck it, this jams. Another one from Apple Juice Kid, this time teamed up with longtime Lo producer Ski under their Smokin Apples moniker.

DJ Dead Eye f. Tony Touch, Termanology, and Easy Money “Wild Puerto Ricans” [mp3]
The best find of Coachella weekend was Pocos Pero Locos, a station that’s apparently syndicated (but which I’ve only heard in the California desert) and plays all brand new Spanish/Spanglish rap. Full on autotuned Sean Kingston sounding shit too, like regular rap radio. So bugged, we drove around extra just to listen some more. This doesn’t sound like that AT ALL, but if you like the Beatnuts you’ll be psyched. If you don’t like the Beatnuts get off my website.

Killer Mike f. Big Kuntry King “I’m A Fool Wit It” [mp3]
Just look at the title.

Bounceback “Does It Real Good” [mp3]
Don’t know a ton about Starkville, Mississippi’s Bounceback but I love stumbling across records that are just off – beat and vocals mixed all crazy, mumbled accents and hi-hat rolls clattering around all over the place. “I’m feelin futuristic, bitch.” This has lazers on it.

Chino “Smoking The Gradez” [mp3]
The brothers McGregor (Daniel “Chino” and supaproducer Stephen “Di Genius”) team up on some chopped-up bossanova. It’s not rap but not not rap, you know? The dopest record I heard all week.