Rappin Ass Thursdays #4

Posted on Jun 25th, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Sadly kicking off the fourth week of Rappin Ass Thursday’s with the news that Michael Jackson has passed away. Here’s an appropriate tune from The Finisher featuring yet another king who is no longer with us.

Mister Cee – “Where Brooklyn At (MJ Right Here Mix)” [mp3]

Rest in power! New tunes from the Snowman, Jacka, Daytona & Bun B, and Curtiiiiiiis after the jump.

Young Jeezy “Might Just Blow That” [mp3]
I was a little late to the Trappin Ain’t Dead tape but damn, another winner. Jeezy is far and away the most consistent dude out, duh, but more importantly – who did this beat? It sounds like thizzed-out Hunt For Red October music.

The Jacka f. Dubb 20, J Stalin “Our Heroes” [mp3]
I love going to Rasputin’s and Amoeba whenever I’m in SF and cruising the rap aisles – they always have Messy Marv or Dem Hoodstarz or whomever else has a new album out featured on the main shelves as prominently as any major label stuff. It’s like Murder Dog come to life! The Jacka’s Tear Gas is probably up there this second, and for good reason, it’s super tuff. “Our Heroes” is my favorite on the LP, another incredible beat that I have NO IDEA who produced it (just ordered the CD, we’ll see). It’s real Trackademicks/Dam Funk-y, with this incredible slurping R&B sample in the background. BALEARIC RAPPS 4 EVA. Also check for Jacka and Andre Nickatina’s “Zestways (Coke Remix)”, another favorite. Nicky was at Sway this past Monday! Anybody remember this?

Daytona f. Bun B “Air Born” [mp3 via Notherground]
I’ve been repping Daytona since forever (well, since I worked at a magazine) so it’s been satisfying to see his career finally start catching up to his flow as of late. People are getting (rightfully) psyched for next week’s release of his debut Come Fly With Me, where you will find this weeded little number. Bun is nice on this too. “Indo, no homie that’s kush/ You don’t get a hit, motherfucker, you get a push…” Bonus beat: ‘Tona rapping over a sample FG fans will immediately recognize

50 Cent War Angel LP [zip album]
Hideous artwork aside, this is jamming! Excited for Sincerely Yours, Southside Vol 2 to drop.