Rappin Ass Thursdays #10

Posted on Aug 6th, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Another mixed bag of beats, this time around with Eve and Ras Kass “dubstep rap,” Peedi Crakk breakbeats, more GLC G shit, Fabo and Tabi Bonney’s rap sangin (the latter helped by Raheem Devaughn) and a country rap tune from Natureboy Rowe. Read ownnn!

Eve “Me N My” [mp3]
It was funny watching the dueling responses to the Eve tune when it leaked earlier in the week: rap blogs retching, indie blogs gushing, both equally knee jerk in their own way – the tune’s simply ehhhhhhhh, not warranting the positive OR negative enthusiasm. I like it well enough, it doesn’t suck, it’s just a massive letdown – falling so short of the source material’s awesome potential (on the bright side, more people get to know who Benga is). Verses are limp, hook is barely there, and it’s just a bummer that this shit didn’t sound like “Jigga What” on a case of 5 Hour Energy blasting out a speaker stack that comes up to my eyebrows. Was Eve and Fatboy Slim the better team-up after all?

12th Planet x Ras Kass “West Coast Dub” [mp3]
On the other hand, this 12th Planet and Ras Kass collab well exceeded my expectations, bumping like a slow n low Chronic 2001 album cut rather than any kind of genre gimmick. They brought out the best in one another (sidebar: Ras’ Pete Rock joint this week was real cool too) turning out the kind of tune neither seemed able to make on their own and just doing some shit that feels good and natural rather than “hey, isn’t this craaaaa-zay?”

Peedi Crakk “Smile (You Mad)” [mp3]
Speaking of doing what comes natural… Crakk + drum loop + siren = boom go the dynamite. Just wish it didn’t sound like it was recorded and mixed inside a State Prop denim jacket.

GLC feat Cold Hard “A Gangsta’s Nature” [mp3]
Talk about a guest star with a name to define the whole song. The Gangsta L Crisis streak continues. Not mad at his sangin neither! (I sense a segue coming…)

Fabo “If I Feel Like That” [mp3]
Tabi Bonney f Raheem Devaughn “Fever” [mp3]
I wait in vain for Fabo’s debut solo album the way rap nerds from the last decade waited on Large Professor’s, and this is the kind of song that tells you why. 808s and E-Breaks. “Fever” is way less tweaked and way more polished but not too far off the same vapor trail.

Natureboy Rowe “Thanking Throwed” [mp3]
What’s that guitar from? Feels Soundgarden-y. Hope it’s not actually Incubus-y. But this is a rap blog, not a sample wank (despite my best efforts to the contrary) so the important thing is that Natureboy Rowe sounds great over wherever his chorus-pedaled riff was pilfered from. More Dungeon Family-informed trappin please!