Rappin Ass Thursdays #13

Posted on Aug 27th, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

For this particularly lucky edition of RAT, check out select new jams from Trick Daddy, Freddie Gibbs, Clyde Carson, D-Lo feat. Sleepy D, and Green Lantern and Styles P feat. NORE and Uncle Murda.

Trick Daddy “Ruby Red” [mp3]
Pitched-up Third Eye Blind sample (!!!) and TD’s thug regrets make for an oddly affecting listen. More runny nose laments from Trick Daddy Dollars please.

Freddie Gibbs “Bussdown” [mp3]
For the past few weeks my boy Lambo in LA has been sliding me tracks from Freddie Gibb’s new mixtape. “Bussdown” is my favorite of the bunch, an eerie Polow-produced roller from Freddie’s days as a major label young’n in exile. Looking forward to checking the whole tape out this weekend.

Clyde Carson “Crooked” [mp3]
Clyde’s another talented dude who’s been caught up in label limbo for too long. His group The Team had big bay records but never really capitalized off the hyphy hype (selling actual “Hyphy Juice” energy drink not withstanding), and I can remember playing a bunch of solo stuff from his Capitol debut on EVR a few years back, and that shit is still shelved. “Crooked” comes off a new self-released iTunes EP, the scratch chorus is kinda generic but the mellow sample vibe is riiight.

D-Lo f. Sleepy D “Coppers” [mp3]
On the flipside of Bay beats… this jam from “No Hoe” auteur D-Lo and his (actual) brother Sleepy D sounds like Zelda music with a hangover. Awesome.

Green Ghost Project (Green Lantern x Styles P) f. NORE & Uncle Murda “Pablo Doe” [mp3]
“I got bullets the same size as Shaq feet” – Noreaga has a way with words, my friends. The Athletes Foot at Woodbridge Mall used to have a Shaq-signed Reebok on the wall, it was major.