Rappin Ass Thursdays #14

Posted on Sep 3rd, 2009 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

I know the logo for this shit is the purple tape, but I haven’t listened to the new Raekwon yet, I hope it’s as good as the internet is telling me. This week there’s tunes from Big Twins f. Prodigy, Gorilla Zoe, Smitty, Izza Kizza, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj f. Lil Wayne, and Hov (has anybody used “scape-G.O.A.T.” in their Blueprint 3 snarkery yet? Sorry, sorry…)

Big Twins f. Prodigy “Bacon And Cheese” [mp3]
Stab you in your brain with your Nintendo cartridge!

Gorilla Zoe “I Got It” [mp3]
This Drumma Boy beat is wild too, it reminds me so much of the synth pads from Duran Duran “A View To A Kill” that I wanna bust out “Dance! Into the fi-yaaaaahhh…” at the chorus. (Sidebar: that was my favorite Bond flick growing up, shit had Grace Jones AND Christopher Walken AND the ski showdown at the beginning. Made up for Roger Moore looking old as hell.) When did Gorilla Zoe go all-singing? His records are getting more and more like trap Cudi songs.

Smitty f. The Last Poets “Run Nigga Runn” [mp3]
While I’m making comparisons, is Smitty the Red Cafe of Florida? Solid MC, label woes, hard to get too enthused about… “Featuring” is a bit of a stretch but this sample is dope. Dust listens to Gil Scot Heron real loud in the office sometimes, it’s kind of intense.

Izza Kizza “Runnin” [mp3]
Kizz and Kwame get together on a track off the forthcoming Saturday Morning LP, I wasn’t expecting the waltz-time beat but it jams. I like Kizza over these kind of joints as much as I’m feeling his club cuts.

Meek Mill “Make Em Say” [mp3]
Nicki Minaj f. Lil Wayne “I Get Crazy” [mp3]
Jay Z f. Swizz Beats “On To The Next One” [mp3]
Speaking of club cuts… some Philly insanity, the one song from this chick I’ve actually heard people play out, and a lone BP3 highlight. Bass!