Food Gold Video Party: DIY Mojitos

Posted on Dec 15th, 2009 in Food Gold > Videos by Mr. Goldbar

For this week’s edition of Food Gold we’re going to teach you how to make a bomb ass Mojito in the comfort of your own home with our pal Justin from No.7 restaurant. These bad boyz are perfect for post-work libations, or in our case, for 4am hijinks when “last call” means “it’s too early!” The recipe is fairly loose so be sure to try out a few variations and see which one you like best. Get Crunk!

Food Gold DIY Mojito


A few (3-4) mint leaves (no stems)

A few teaspons of fresh squeezed lime juice

A few teaspoons of Brown sugar

Simple Syrup aka sugar water, a splash or two


1. Mash first four ingredients up with a pestle/bat/knife

2. Add some ice

3. Add a few ounces of Rum, or Vodka if that’s all you have at the crib

4. Add a few ounces of Sprite or Club Soda

5. Mix it up in cocktail shaker or just distribute the mixture back and forth between two glasses