Rappin Ass Thursdays #32

Posted on Apr 22nd, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

Was the last one of these really TWO MONTHS ago? Thats a lot of missed Thursdays, a lot of rappin ass raps left behind… Make up for lost time and hit the jump for a bunch of stuff that has caught my ear since then (and hasn’t been talked to death elsewhere). Underground and under-appreciated, poppy-as-hell but still awesome, lessgooo…

Danny Brown The Hybrid [mixtape]
Nine11Kevin “What Up Baii” [mp3]
I started hearing Danny Brown’s stuff (I think around the Hot Soup era?) a few years back while Googling his producer Nick Speed. Not sure where I first came across Nine11Kevin, although I definitely exclaimed “BEST NAME EVER!” when I did. One is from Detroit, the other from Bed Stuy, but they both transport me to Newark since their best moments sound like updated Outsidaz: drugged-out, thugged-out jams by unpretentious MCs. Weirdness isn’t supposed to take effort, kids! The future looks good for more blunted efforts from both; Danny is making inroads with the internet cognoscenti (or at least some of my rap friends on Twitter) and the other night I heard Mister Cee shout “What up baiiiiiii?!?!?” while dropping Kevin’s single.

Square Off f. Vado “Quiet” [mp3]
An under-the-radar number for your “Stop It 5” playlist.

Cousin Fik f. E-40 and Rankin Scroo “Buffalo” [mp3]
Cousin Fik f. E-40 and Stressmatic “Look At Her Butt” [mp3]
E-40’s two disc opus Revenue Retrievin has its fair share of gems (especially the “Night Shift” disc) to satisfy us slap addicts. But if you need more Bay bump in your life, you could do worse than Cousin Fik’s new free album No Gravity. This quasi-dancehall rap number and wonderfully stoopid Sir Mix A Lot tribute are two of the highlights for me (both produced by Droop-E!) but the whole disc is solid.

Wale “BASEhead” [mp3]
Wale “Kini Big Deal” [mp3]

The Fresh Boyz f. Indigo Vanity “Your So Cool” [mp3]

Not that the jerk scene is renowned for its thoroughness in tagging mp3s, but I’ve also seen the credits for this flipped as Indigo Vanity / Indigo Unchained f. The Fresh Boyz, which makes hella more sense considering how the Punky Brewster MC steals the show here “looking for a steezed out hooligan.”

Baby Bash – Fantasy Girl [mp3]
Glasses Malone f. The Cataracs “I Get Doe” [mp3]
The simple joys of having a car with a radio in Southern California.

Plies “She Got It Made” [mp3]
DO YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS? GETTING CAUGHT IN THE RAIN? Algernod goes all Rupert Holmes on us. I feel like after all this other pop rap I should at the very least be… I don’t know, entertained by this? But the song is way too Sean Kingston for any kind of positive response. Just want him to make more jams like these.