Rappin Ass Thursdays #33

Posted on Apr 29th, 2010 in Downloads > Rappin Ass Thursdays by Mr. Goldbar

HATE, HATE, HATE HATE HATE. And some stuff I like too. Hit the jump for Complaining Nick edition.

Big KRIT f. Devin The Dude “Moon & Stars” [mp3]
Remember when BoB made groovy songs like this, instead of the WORST MUSIC COMMITTED TO RECORD? There are few things that genuinely anger me, but man that album is straight up offensive. No need to go into further detail, this post handles it rather tidily. Whether a truly cynical cop-out, extreme bad taste, or a little of both, I am hard pressed to find a precedent for such turrribleness.

Reflection Eternal f Jay Elec, Mos Def & J Cole “Just Begun” [mp3]
Miguel f J Cole “All I Want Is You” [mp3]
J Cole “Who Dat” [mp3]
I want to be just as mad at J Cole, perhaps the dullest, most personality-free “next big thing” to get any kind of push in recent memory. The difference is, he is really rapping his ass off and making good records. The first thing that won me over was this heavy hitter Reflection Eternal posse cut from last year, which I discovered somewhat recently on Benji B’s all-Jay Elec-yarmulke show. Snapped! And so it went: for every boring web video or promo photo in a sweater or some shit, there was an unimpeachable guest verse somewhere and well constructed songs that just sound GOOD, like this Miguel R&B joint (Amy Winehouse for dudes, I’m with it) or leadoff single “Who Dat.” Still have the urge to hate SO BADLY but alas, skills are skills.

Game The Red Room mixtape [mp3]
Now, in the personality department… Jayceon Taylor, ladies and gentlemen! Game might be the strangest “regular dude” in rap, a guy who continues to make the most of his total lack of impulse control. His new tape features a genuinely random cast of guest stars (Mysonne? Some girl named “Kanary Diamonds” with an Uffie flow? Hurricane Chris and Bizzy Bone on the same song, for no particular reason?) and equally unexpected creative decisions, the best of which might be his eerily accurate Lil Cease tribute on the Bink-produced(!), Diddy-featuring(!!!) “Heartbreak Hotel.” (In less surprising news, Scoop Deville got some heat on “Slangin Rocks.” Viva La Raza!)

Cam’Ron & Vado “Speaking Tungs” [mp3]
Cam’ron & Vado “Ur Killin’ Me f Kid Cudi” (prod. Alchemist) [mp3]
Continuing with the tributes, Cam’s DMX impression on “Tungs” is A+, and Al seems to be channeling Diplomats Vol 5 era Killa on another quality collab.

Problem “Fuck Yo Man” [mp3]
Goin, goin, back, back to Cali, Cali…